Offer of the week - Sanitary sluice MINIMAX cat No. 555502

Offer of the week - Sanitary sluice MINIMAX cat No. 555502

Small, economical, fully functional solution of the hygiene sluice.
Small sizes have great possibilities.
Subtle, stabile construction of the device made of stainless steel 1.4301.
Low, flat (not required entry steeps) part of low-heeled shoes soles washing and disinfecting
with two rotary brushes of a diameter of ø 180 mm.
Brush length: 600mm.
Easy, without tools brushes removal and access to their drives.
Integrated hand disinfection. Two nozzles in the openings of the hand disinfection device are
activated by sensors and spray both hands simultaneously. Proper hand disinfection is
confirmed by light (red - green) and releases turnstil at 1/3 of rotation.
Gentle push the employee out from the stand.
Dimensions: 1100 x 940 x h1550mm

Special price: 5.116,70 euro


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